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Purchasing Power

Meet Your Goals by Helping Employees Meet Theirs

Since 2001, Purchasing Power has helped organizations like yours improve employee retention, productivity and satisfaction with our employee purchase program. No other company like ours has the knowledge, experience and proven track record to support large employers and their most financially at­ risk employees. And we do it with no cost or liability for you.

Take a New Approach

It used to be simple. Retirement programs were enough to help employees prepare for their financial future. But many have trouble meeting their immediate needs and turn to expensive financing options, like high ­interest credit cards, payday loans and retirement withdrawals to make purchases they can’t afford otherwise. This leads to stress that decreases productivity and increases turnover and healthcare costs.

Purchasing Power fills the gaps for employees who need a financing alternative:

  • Provides greater access than traditional credit
  • Comes without the risks of subprime financing
  • Reduces the need for retirement savings withdrawals
  • Offers an affordable alternative to student loans

Our industry­ leading purchase program makes it possible for employees to buy the products they need and want through the ease of payroll deduction. And our financial wellness tools and resources help them make positive financial choices. Without financial distractions, employees are more productive and engaged in their work. And by offering a benefit that supports their personal and professional goals, your company is more likely to retain them.

What We Offer

Purchase Program

Our program allows employees to access over 50,000 brand­ name products and services. Through payroll deduction, they make manageable payments over a 12­month period with no ballooning interest, hidden fees or credit check. We believe transparency is critical; with Purchasing Power, what you see is what you get.

Our Products and Services

  • Consumer Products
  • Vacation Packages
  • Online Education
  • Financial Wellness Tools and Resources

All products are current models, brand new, and delivered up front. Many of our items come with warranties from SquareTrade, a top ­rated warranty provider.

Financial Wellness Tools and Resources

Our experience serving financially under-served employees has shown us that access to products and services is important, but they also need tools and resources that empower them to take control of every aspect of their finances. That is why we partner with innovative companies to provide access to credit monitoring and education resources as well as financial wellness content.

Choose a voluntary benefit that meets your business objectives and helps improve the quality of your employees’ lives.

  • Full program support to make administration easy
  • Annual client retention rate of over 95%
  • Trusted by clients from 16 industries
  • A+ BBB Rating

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Kashable Delivers Financial Certainty

Kashable provides employees access to socially responsible, low­cost credit to help cover the financial gap created by out­of­pocket medical expenses, personal emergencies, and times of hardship.

Top Reasons Employees Use Kashable

  • Medical Expenses
  • Car Repair
  • Pay Down Other Debt
  • Home Improvement

What Makes Us Unique?

Partnering with employers creates many efficiencies that allow Kashable to lend at competitive rates. Unlike other lenders, Kashable underwrites employment data as well as credit score, so employees with poor credit but strong employment data are able to access fair and lower cost credit.

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What We Do

LendKey allows employees to substantially reduce the cost of their student loans by refinancing with a not-for-profit lender. This allows employees to lower their interest rates, monthly payments, and overall cost of their student loans for free and in just a matter of minutes.

LendKey is transforming the $3.2 trillion consumer lending market by enabling the nation’s 13,000+ community financial institutions to enter and succeed in online lending. Our innovative technology matches consumers with community banks and credit unions to create the most transparent, accessible and low-cost borrowing options in online lending.

Why We Do It

Not-for-profit credit unions and community banks have some of the most borrower­ friendly student loan and LendKey is enabling these community lenders to bring their loans to you online. By letting you borrow directly from America’s local and not­-for-­profit lenders, we’re building something that’s been sorely missing in online lending: transparent low-­interest lending. We’re bringing community lenders to the online community, and giving you tools to make smart borrowing decisions. So get started today to lower your student loan interest and monthly payments!


Paycheck Works

Paycheck Works is a no cost voluntary benefit that enables employees to purchase from thousands of name brand items, avoid high cost alternatives, all while budgeting spending

How Do Employees Deal With These Real-Life Issues?

An Employee is often forced to pay up to 3x more than a normal consumer due these limited payment options.

Credit Card – 20% more than retail

$16,000 is the average credit card debt for those who carry a balance. 22% is the average interest rate for those with bad credit. For 45 million Americans, using credit isn’t possible because they don’t have a credit score.

Rent to Own – 3x more than retail

4 million Americans use rent-to-own services. Interest rates of 100% or higher are often used with rent to own. A $600 television would cost more than three times as much, resulting in a final price tag of $1,800

Pay Day Loan

12 million Americans use a payday loan annually. The average APR on a payday loan costs 322%. Roughly 60% of all loans are renewed at least once; 22% of all loans are renewed at least seven times.

401K Loan

About 21% of 401K plan participants who are eligible to take loans use this option, stealing from their savings and retirement cushion. Those likeliest to take this loan earn between $40K-$60K.

Our goal is to provide a responsible method to help improve the quality of life for employees and promote goodwill from the employer. Download our PDF here.





In 2020, an estimated 40% of the workforce will be gig employees. Self-employed, with no benefits. Education debt exceeds $1.5 trillion and consumer debt exceeds $13.3 trillion. Health care costs are $3.5 trillion annually and rising. If you are self-employed or have limited employee benefits, CBA has you covered.

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True Connect

What is True Connect?

Power Voluntary Benefits partners with True Connect to bring an array of  services to our clients.

  • No cost or financial risk to the employer, a voluntary employee benefit program
  • Automated administration; very little additional staff work required
  • Employees eligible for a small FDIC insured bank loan up to $3,000
  • No credit score used to qualify; eligibility based on income and tenure
  • Repayment over a full year; small amortized payroll deductions
  • No more than 8% of an employee’s paycheck for repayment
  • Affordable home lan terms: average $1.20 per month per $100 borrowed over a 1-year term*
  • Payments reported to credit agencies to help employees rebuild credit
  • Free credit counseling available

To learn more about the services and explore possible solutions for your business, download our PDF here, or please contact us below



Financial stress is crippling today’s workforce, but Zebit is on a mission to put financial control back into the hands of working Americans.

Zebit is a free employee financial wellness benefit that provides better financial resources and access to interest-free credit to relieve the number one cause of stress—financial stress. With Zebit, partnering employers can increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention, to save up to $2,000 per employee annually.

From budgeting tools to our healthy, interest-free credit, Zebit helps employees plan, manage, and respond to life events responsibly to make financial freedom possible.


Financial Wellness Resources

  • Education/training modules
  • Budgeting tools
  • Savings tools
  • Financial Health Risk Assessment (“ZebitScore”)

Healthy Credit Option

  • Credit to purchase needed products and services
  • No interest, costs, penalties, or fees – ever
  • Manageable credit limits based on salary
  • 6-month financing term, no revenue debt
  • No credit check required, but enables credit-building
  • Convenient and easy alternative to traditional financing

Zebit is socially responsible, cost-effective to alternative Employee Purchasing Programs (EPP) and Loan Programs

Employer Benefits

  • No cost to the employee or employer
  • Unique benefit increases employee retention
  • Healthy credit reduces 401(k)/403(b) withdrawals and payroll advances
  • Flexible options allow tailored employee features
  • Zebit is federally regulated and registered in each state it operates
  • Zebit’s customer service team supports all employee inquiries
  • No employer liability for employee credit

Employee Benefits

  • Free access to Financial Health Risk Assessment (“ZebitScore”), financial education, patent-pending budgeting/savings planning app (Zebit Instant Budget)
  • Access to healthy credit option (“ZebitLine”), up to $5,000 to purchase needed products and services through the Zebit marketplace
  • No interest, fees, fines, surprises, or gotchas — ever
  • No credit check or application fee — ever
  • Provides the opportunity to build credit history
  • Helps employees who are struggling financially
  • Zebit’s team works with employees experiencing financial hardships
  • Access to millions of brand-name products and services at or below MSRP

How Zebit Works

  • Employer launches Zebit as a voluntary benefit to employees
  • Employee registers for Zebit and receives access to free financial tools and interest-free credit
  • Employee can shop, buy, and pay over time, interest-free, for purchases through payroll deduction or credit/debit card.

For more information about Zebit download our PDF here.

Get started with Zebit today.


What exactly is healthCAR?

healthCAR is a groundbreaking new product offering a single monthly price for vehicles regardless of how many miles the vehicle has. With no expiration date or mileage limitations upon enrollment your employees will no longer have to worry about missing work due to vehicle breakdowns.


  • Vehicles are getting more expensive every year and so are repairs. Labor rates alone have increased by 20% in the last 6 years according to our experience. healthCAR is here to help employees protect their budget from large unforeseen expenses due to their vehicle breaking down.
    Decrease employee absence or unnecessary vacation time off due to vehicle breakdowns. Eliminate short notice absences due to “car won’t start”.
  • Protecting the employees’ budget against unforeseen vehicle repair costs.
  • Employee can take their vehicle to any licensed repair facility or franchise dealership.


We offer a simple, tiered coverage that is determined by the mileage at the time of breakdown, regardless the age of the vehicle.

  • Platinum coverage- Comprehensive protection, similar too new car coverage from the factory. Covering vehicles up to 100,000 miles, this includes coverage on all systems and components of the vehicle excluding normal maintenance, cosmetic items and mis-use exclusions
  • Gold coverage- Expansive named component coverage including powertrain, steering, suspension, electrical system, air conditioning and other convenience and comfort systems for vehicles with 100,001 to 150,000 miles.
  • Silver coverage- Just the coverage you need for a high mileage vehicle with over 150,000 miles. This includes the engine, water pump, transmission and transfer case to keep your high mileage vehicle on the road.
    Emergency roadside services including towing, lockout assistance, jump starts, vehicle fluid delivery, flat tire changes and alternate transportation.

Who are we

In a world where mediocrity is the norm, we strive to be in a word… Better. Marathon is committed to deliver on all promises and exceed all expectations.

  • 20+ years of claims administration experience
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • 23 consecutive months without a BBB complaint
  • Backed by A+ – Rated insurance company by A.M. Best
  • Full program support to make administration easy

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