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Purchasing Power

Meet Your Goals by Helping Employees Meet Theirs

Since 2001, Purchasing Power has helped organizations like yours improve employee retention, productivity and satisfaction with our employee purchase program. No other company like ours has the knowledge, experience and proven track record to support large employers and their most financially at­ risk employees. And we do it with no cost or liability for you.

Take a New Approach

It used to be simple. Retirement programs were enough to help employees prepare for their financial future. But many have trouble meeting their immediate needs and turn to expensive financing options, like high ­interest credit cards, payday loans and retirement withdrawals to make purchases they can’t afford otherwise. This leads to stress that decreases productivity and increases turnover and healthcare costs.

Purchasing Power fills the gaps for employees who need a financing alternative:

  • Provides greater access than traditional credit
  • Comes without the risks of subprime financing
  • Reduces the need for retirement savings withdrawals
  • Offers an affordable alternative to student loans

Our industry­ leading purchase program makes it possible for employees to buy the products they need and want through the ease of payroll deduction. And our financial wellness tools and resources help them make positive financial choices. Without financial distractions, employees are more productive and engaged in their work. And by offering a benefit that supports their personal and professional goals, your company is more likely to retain them.

What We Offer

Purchase Program

Our program allows employees to access over 20,000 brand­ name products and services. Through payroll deduction, they make manageable payments over a 12­month period with no ballooning interest, hidden fees or credit check. We believe transparency is critical; with Purchasing Power, what you see is what you get.

Our Products and Services

  • Consumer Products
  • Vacation Packages
  • Online Education
  • Financial Wellness Tools and Resources

All products are current models, brand new, and delivered up front. Many of our items come with warranties from SquareTrade, a top ­rated warranty provider.

Financial Wellness Tools and Resources

Our experience serving financially under-served employees has shown us that access to products and services is important, but they also need tools and resources that empower them to take control of every aspect of their finances. That is why we partner with innovative companies to provide access to credit monitoring and education resources as well as financial wellness content.

Choose a voluntary benefit that meets your business objectives and helps improve the quality of your employees’ lives.

  • Full program support to make administration easy
  • Annual client retention rate of over 95%
  • Trusted by clients from 16 industries
  • A+ BBB Rating

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Kashable Delivers Financial Certainty

Kashable provides employees access to socially responsible, low­cost credit to help cover the financial gap created by out­of­pocket medical expenses, personal emergencies, and times of hardship.

Top Reasons Employees Use Kashable

  • Medical Expenses
  • Car Repair
  • Pay Down Other Debt
  • Home Improvement

What Makes Us Unique?

Partnering with employers creates many efficiencies that allow Kashable to lend at competitive rates. Unlike other lenders, Kashable underwrites employment data as well as credit score, so employees with poor credit but strong employment data are able to access fair and lower cost credit.

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What We Do

LendKey allows employees to substantially reduce the cost of their student loans by refinancing with a not-for-profit lender. This allows employees to lower their interest rates, monthly payments, and overall cost of their student loans for free and in just a matter of minutes.

LendKey is transforming the $3.2 trillion consumer lending market by enabling the nation’s 13,000+ community financial institutions to enter and succeed in online lending. Our innovative technology matches consumers with community banks and credit unions to create the most transparent, accessible and low-cost borrowing options in online lending.

Why We Do It

Not-for-profit credit unions and community banks have some of the most borrower­ friendly student loan and LendKey is enabling these community lenders to bring their loans to you online. By letting you borrow directly from America’s local and not­-for-­profit lenders, we’re building something that’s been sorely missing in online lending: transparent low-­interest lending. We’re bringing community lenders to the online community, and giving you tools to make smart borrowing decisions. So get started today to lower your student loan interest and monthly payments!


Rx Saving Solutions

The Problem With Prescription Pricing

Prescription drug expenses are rising at alarming rates and make up a large portion of benefit­related expenses for employers. According to Kaiser Permanente, medication- related costs increased an average of 11% annually from 1996­ to 2008. Most employers are not equipped to effectively manage this expense on their own. Rx Savings Solutions is a company advocating for employers and incented to align with them to address this problem together.

Our Bright Idea

Rx Savings Solutions was established in 2008 with one goal in mind – to educate, motivate and empower consumers of prescription drugs to save money. This continues to be a focus of our service; however, the company simultaneously focuses on saving payers, namely self­ insured employers, money as well. In fact, historical data has shown employers save an average of 5­ to 6 times what their employees experience.

Savings Through Analysis

We use a patented software platform to deliver our solution to employers and their covered members. By using our service to educate employees on savings opportunities, employers can rely on their employees to make the right choice thus saving both parties money. Rx Savings Solutions supports a collaborative approach where employers offer our consumerism solution in order to deliver proper information to their employees, which ultimately leads to savings for everyone.



We Empower Your People, They Add To Your Bottom Line

You are minutes away from improving productivity and providing an outstanding benefit to your employees at NO COST* to you.

When you enroll your company in FinFit you are taking the first step towards improving productivity and improving employee job satisfaction. FinFit:

  • Provides an easy-to-use, self-directed online Financial Wellness program
  • Requires no investment of time or finances by you
  • You are never responsible for a FinFit Loan**, even if the employee quits or is terminated

*FinFit’s Financial Wellness program which includes educational content, financial assessment, and financial dashboard are free to registered members. Loans and other ancillary services offered may incur fees and/or interest. All fees will be disclosed prior to entering into any agreements.

**FinFit Loans are issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. Residents of Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Nevada and West Virginia are not eligible for loans. This does not constitute an offer or solicitation for loan products to residents of those states.

Download PDF Here

Download PDF Here


Meet neon.

Power Voluntary Benefits partners with neon Workforce Technologies, Inc. to bring an array of cloud based Human Resource services to our clients. Through our arrangement with neon, we are able to fulfill all of your HR needs.

About neon

neon—consolidates your Recruiting, Payroll, HR, Time Management, ACA Compliance, Tax Credits, and more…all in a single platform with a single employee record.

For nearly two decades, neon has developed and implemented cutting edge technologies and world-class services solving the HR needs of over 17,000 clients and 75,000 locations.

Bringing everything together…One system for all of your Recruiting + Onboarding + HR + Payroll + Time Management + ACA Compliance needs!

  • Our technology is 100% customizable to serve your exact HR needs
  • A cloud-based system that is simple and easy-to-use
  • Single platform login with a single employee record
  • Dedicated Account Managers with unparalleled expertise
  • neon ensures full compliance with government regulations

We employ the best and brightest to provide you with effortless implementation and stellar customer support. Providing you with customer service on a “ first name” basis, our own workforce is the cornerstone of our success. We are not only setting industry standards but also transforming the way HR processes are done.

To learn more about the services and explore possible solutions for your business, please contact us below



Financial stress is crippling today’s workforce, but Zebit is on a mission to put financial control back into the hands of working Americans.

Zebit is a free employee financial wellness benefit that provides better financial resources and access to interest-free credit to relieve the number one cause of stress—financial stress. With Zebit, partnering employers can increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention, to save up to $2,000 per employee annually.

From budgeting tools to our healthy, interest-free credit, Zebit helps employees plan, manage, and respond to life events responsibly to make financial freedom possible.


Financial Wellness Resources

  • Education/training modules
  • Budgeting tools
  • Savings tools
  • Financial Health Risk Assessment (“ZebitScore”)

Healthy Credit Option

  • Credit to purchase needed products and services
  • No interest, costs, penalties, or fees – ever
  • Manageable credit limits based on salary
  • 6-month financing term, no revenue debt
  • No credit check required, but enables credit-building
  • Convenient and easy alternative to traditional financing

Zebit is socially responsible, cost-effective to alternative Employee Purchasing Programs (EPP) and Loan Programs

Employer Benefits

  • No cost to the employee or employer
  • Unique benefit increases employee retention
  • Healthy credit reduces 401(k)/403(b) withdrawals and payroll advances
  • Flexible options allow tailored employee features
  • Zebit is federally regulated and registered in each state it operates
  • Zebit’s customer service team supports all employee inquiries
  • No employer liability for employee credit

Employee Benefits

  • Free access to Financial Health Risk Assessment (“ZebitScore”), financial education, patent-pending budgeting/savings planning app (Zebit Instant Budget)
  • Access to healthy credit option (“ZebitLine”), up to $5,000 to purchase needed products and services through the Zebit marketplace
  • No interest, fees, fines, surprises, or gotchas — ever
  • No credit check or application fee — ever
  • Provides the opportunity to build credit history
  • Helps employees who are struggling financially
  • Zebit’s team works with employees experiencing financial hardships
  • Access to millions of brand-name products and services at or below MSRP

How Zebit Works

  • Employer launches Zebit as a voluntary benefit to employees
  • Employee registers for Zebit and receives access to free financial tools and interest-free credit
  • Employee can shop, buy, and pay over time, interest-free, for purchases through payroll deduction or credit/debit card.

For more information about Zebit download our PDF here.

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